Open Kitchen | Passover Dinner Package
A Passover dinner package with all the holiday favorites!
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Holidays, Family, and Tradition

Holidays, Family, and Tradition

Experimenting in the kitchen is my idea of fun. Except at the holidays. This is the time when we draw family and traditions around us, never more so then at Passover, when the story of freedom from bondage is passed down from one generation to the next and generational recipes are shared. Open Kitchens Passover dinner package for six features favorite recipes from my own family, starting with matzo ball soup.

Our recipe goes back at least three generations. The chicken soup is buttery, dill-scented and completely delicious. The matzo balls are fluffy and flavorful.  Over the years, Ive learned not to overwork them, otherwise they die at the bottom of the pot!

I know gefilte fish can get a lot of grief, but I hope youll try Open Kitchens version. The recipe comes from my grandmother.

For the main course, choose rosemary and lemon roast chicken, crispy on the outside and moist inside, or the same slow-braised brisket you love at Open Kitchen. We serve it with an unimprovable potato kugel and my sisters tzimmes recipe with tender caramelized carrots dried fruits for a little sweetness.  

Dessert dials up the sweetness with our dark, decadent flourless chocolate cake.

These dishes so remind me of treasured seders past. Im happy to think youll enjoy them at your Passover table. Order now.  Let us do the cooking for you this holiday so you can focus on your own family and traditions.

Passover Dinner Package

Place your order by Sunday March 21st.

Happy Passover from the Open Kitchen family to your family!


Open heart, Open Kitchen,

Ines Chattas