Open Kitchen | Farm to Fork: Dig in for Earth Day
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Farm to Fork — Dig In for Earth Day!

Farm to Fork — Dig In for Earth Day!

April 22 is Earth Day, a day when we honor the planet we call home. Local, just-picked produce inspires me and makes me want to celebrate Earth Day every day.

South Floridas fresh fruits and vegetables are so vibrant in color and flavor. Another plus they have more nutrients and a lower carbon footprint than whats in your supermarket.  So get inspired, yourself.  Make Earth Day a delicious celebration with a trip to your local farmers market. Nows our peak growing season. Our community farmers markets are full of fresh

arugula and other greens
sweet peppers
sweet potatoes
green beans

and more.  A lot more.  

Dont take my word for it.  Visit one of our great neighborhood farmers markets or sign up to have organic produce delivered your door through companies like Farm Fresh to You.  I hope youll use some of that gorgeous harvest in my recipe for vegetable vellutata.  Its velvety, vegetable-intense and my favorite way make use of your farmers market goodies. Get inspired, get celebrating.  Wishing you a happy Earth Day.

Vegetable Vellutata Recipe


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